PEM Secure Chat iOS / Android / BB

Build from scratch a secure oversea chat application.



Until now, BlackBerry provided maximum secure messaging with it's BlackBerry PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) technique. But now there is PEM, which stands for Personal Ecrypted Messaging. With PEM we offer you the best secured personal messaging app available for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android. Developed to send confidential messages, really confidential. PEM does so with a so-called end-to-end encryption. In addition to the computer generated encryption, also a personal encryption is to be applied. This second encryption is a word or code applied by you and your contact. This combination ensures the best possible encryption of messages at this time and you are in control!


PEM is 100% anonymous. We don’t need your phone number, email address or any kind of data that relates you to our messaging servers or organization. If you sign up for an account, you receive a Unique IDentification. Even we don’t know who you are or can read your messages.
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Build from scratch a secure oversea chat application.